Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday

Here is my Teddy Bear Birthday Cake. Mommy made it so that it would be easy to pick up.
However it took me a long time to want to touch my cake. Once I did I made a big mess.

Time to get cleaned up. The bathtub was clean before I got all washed off.

New Hat

We found a hat that I actually like. I don't try to take it off and it is so cute.

Trouble Maker

I figured out that I can climb up on this box, then onto the couch and then I can reach the blinds! What a little stinker.
Still climbing away!
I used to just pull the towels out of the drawer. Now I like to get inside it and try to get things off of the counter.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handy Baby

I was helping Daddy hang up our new blinds and Daddy was practicing safety first.

Snow day!

Daddy and I can fit in the same snow pants. Sweet no need to go and buy some.

Just hanging out. I love to look through the window, however I usually look from the inside out.

Doin' Dishes

I was helping Mommy do the dishes and I fell in. Luckily we had just finished washing the last dish.

Merry Christmas

I loved to open my Christmas Presents and Daddy's. I even opened grandmas before Christmas and Mommy had to re-wrap it.


Just scavenging for some grub. I love the fridge even though it is cold I could stand there forever trying to pull things out. Unfortunately Mommy always pulls me out of it.


This is my new friend James. Our favorite game is tag, we both laugh our heads off every time.

New Couches

We finally got new couches and of course Gentrie was more interested in the boxes that they came in.

Little Miss Potato Head

Grandma Neeley brought over some Potato head toys and I love them. I will probably love them even more once I realize how to put them together, but for now they taste really good.

Look at me!!

Check it out I can walk behind my toy all by myself. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me, I am such a big girl.
I like walking so much that in the middle of my diaper change I stood up and took off.

Couch Potato

I love to sit in my rocking chair and watch Baby Einstein movies. Mom and Dad can very rarely pull my attention away but somehow they managed to get me to look at them long enough to take a picture.

Mommys Little Helper

I love to "help" my Mommy. My favorite thing is to pull all of the silverware out after Mommy puts it in the dishwasher.


I was just reading a book waiting for Mommy and I looked so stinking cute that Mommy had to take a picture.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bath Time

I love my baths, and mommy loves making my hair look crazy!
I get so impatient I have to sit and watch the water fill up.

Sitting on the Pot

Who would have thought that I would have more fun with pots and pans than with all of my toys!


This was my very first time playing in the snow and I do not like touching that cold white stuff.

Rats Nest

I did my hair all by myself last night. Don't you like it!!

Time for Paintball

Just hanging out with Daddy cleaning the paintball guns. Daddy can't wait until I am old enough to play, and Mommy can't wait for me to shoot the crap out of Daddy!

Happy Halloween

Gentrie was a cute little lady bug for Halloween. The first time that we put her costume on she wouldn't put her arms down because she didn't want to touch her tu-tu. She got used to it eventually.

Monkey Business

After we got back from Vegas Gentrie discovered that she can climb up the couch and look out the window. It is her favorite thing to do now.
She also discovered that she can see out Mommy and Daddy's window too. If we try to pull her away she gets really angry with us. What a little stinker!

Jack Pot!

Dave won the cutest baby from this prize grabbing machine. I thought that nothing cute ever really came from those things. I will admit that I was very wrong.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I sat in front of the boats on the strip all by myself. Everyone passing kept saying "oh look how cute!"
Mommy, Daddy and me in front of a picture of the Las Vegas strip.
Just Chillin with Red.
OH yeah baby who wouldn't want a pair of glasses like these?

Look at me!

I learned how to hold the bottle all by myself. I had to use my hands and feet at first but I figured it out.

Work Party

They had a game at Mom's work party and you had to spray paint your hair. I didn't have to join in but I really liked it.

I liked seeing all of the animals at the petting zoo. I only liked to pull their hair I don't know how to be soft yet.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stewart's Cascade

This was my very first hike. Stewart's Cascade is in American Fork Canyon, it is our favorite canyon.
When we finally made it to the falls, we were all so hot and tired that none of us minded that we were getting wet . Gentrie even enjoyed getting sprayed by the mist.

Here I am with my good friend Jed. He walked behind me the whole way and made sure that my hat stayed on my head. What a good guy! He may be the nicest curly haired man in the United States.

Helmet Hair

When Gentrie was 5 months old she was diagnosed with plagiocephaly. Which means that one side of her head was flat due to resting on it too much. She got to wear a helmet for 3 months and now her head is perfectly round and beautiful. We had fun decorating it.

Luckily it didn't have any effects on her sleeping. It did however make her cheeks look bigger than they already were.