Friday, July 24, 2009

Gentrie got her first big Owie. We were barbecuing at the lake and she tripped and fell and hit the bbq. She cried for a minute and then she said, " Hot, Hot!" She is such a tough kid, thank goodness. It is healing really well so far and we are hoping that it doesn't scar.
While she was playing in the water she kept on saying, Splash, Splash, Splash....
Ride em Cowgirl!! Gentrie absolutely loves Sadie, they are best friends. She loves to go and sit on her when she is laying down.
Gentrie was way pooped out after the parade was over, and I guess her new Uncle David was too!
We entered one of our Tent Trailers in the Riverton Parade this year. It was a huge success, lots of work and lots of fun. We plan on doing it again next year with a few changes....
Gentrie and Dave's little bro David, they both rode on a horse for their first time together!!!!
Lexie, Gentrie, and Josie

First swim of the summer!! There have been lots more since this but this is the only one I have pictures of so far.

I just started babysitting our friends kids: Lexie, Caden, Josie, and McKai. Gentrie has a lot of fun playing with them all day and she is best friends with Josie.

Gentrie has fallen asleep in her high chair twice now. It is the funniest thing, I don't know how she can sleep like that!! The best part is that I can completely clean her hands and her face without her waking up...
Gentrie playing Guitar Hero with her cousin Jake. We had a lot of fun when he came to our house and we were glad to see the Player's while they were here and we are excited to see them again.

We went camping this year with Phil, Cari, and their kids, and Cori, Brian and their kids. We stayed by Pine Lake near Bryce Canyon. It was really pretty and Gentrie had a lot of fun playing in the stream and getting really dirty.

Fun at the Park!!!! Gentrie's cousin Ivan loves to take care of her, she also likes to go down all by herself.
Dave joined the Big Brother Big Sister program and was matched with a little boy named David. They have already had a lot of fun together this summer and they have a lot more fun adventures ahead. David and Gentrie really get along well, he is always making her laugh and he is her new best friend.
She woke up in the morning with her crazy hair and shared a smoothie with her Daddy.

Gentrie is going to be in a Rock Band. She has the crazy hair and everything to go with it.
We let Gentrie have one of those Lick em Sticks. She got really messy but she loved it.

We went and spent a lot of time at Temple Square. Gentries favorite things there are the fountains, she wants to play in all of them.

Our Friend Fernanda came to visit us from the Dominican Republic. We went to go and hike up to Stewart Falls but there was too much snow so we just had a snow ball fight instead.
Gentrie had a lot of fun riding next to her cousins on Trax. She thought it was cool that she got to sit by herself
Sliding down some stairs at Memorial Park
She has such a good little cousin. Evan was really good at holding her hand and making sure that she didn't get into any trouble.

My family, Gentrie and I all went to Temple Square on a weekday to look at the pretty flowers and to go and see Memorial Park. She had fun hanging out with her Grandpa!!

Happy Easter!!! Gentrie had alot of fun hunting for easter eggs. She also looked way cute in her easter dress..